April Christofferson Author


Community Affiliations

Community Affinities and artists/writers/creators April is proud to support:

Boulder White Clouds Council: Please read about founder Lynne Stone's work to protect Idaho wolves. http://www.wildwhiteclouds.org/

Engine 8: Brad Bunkers and his crew go out of their way to lend their incredible talent and vision to local non-profits. www.engine8design.com

Flagship:  April leads the "Writing Circle" at Hellgate High and is a big supporter of this Missoula-based organization that keeps young people engaged in fun, innovative after school programs www.flagshipprogram.org

High Plains Films: Award winning documentary films about relevant, timely issues. Immensely powerful, newly released Facing the Storm tells the story of Yellowstone's bison. http://www.highplainsfilms.org/

Mimi Matsuda: Formerly a Yellowstone interpretive ranger, Mimi's love for Yellowstone and all that's wild is reflected in her incredible art. http://www.mimimatsudaart.com/

Other Nations: If you care about animal issues but don't have the time or know-how to do the research and try to make a difference, keep an eye on Kathleen Stachowski's blogs and the Other Nations website. http://www.othernationsjustice.org/