April Christofferson Author



Yellowstone backcountry ranger Will McCarroll is every poacher and trapper's worst nightmare. His tireless defense of endangered wildlife has made him a national hero Read more >

Alpha Female

Former adversaries Yellowstone Magistrate Judge Annie Peacock and backcountry ranger Will McCarroll team up to find Annie's kidnapped mother in this eco-thriller that revolves around the very real world of trophy poaching inside the park Read more >

Buffalo Medicine

Tension is high in Big Sky Country: the last wild bison in the world are being slaughtered when they wander outside Yellowstone National Park and onto land where cattle graze. Read more >

Clinical Trial

When the deadly hantavirus kills dozens of American Indians, Dr. Isabel McLain is asked to conduct a clinical trial of a vaccine on the Blackfeet Reservation. Read more >

The Protocol

Jennifer Rockhill's quest for the truth about her husband's death falls into place when she's hired as the corporate attorney for a Seattle biotech firm Read more >

Patent to Kill

Biopiracy: the theft of the healing secretes of isolated native peoples. Greedy drug companies swoop down on remote tribes, steal their folk medicine and native cures Read more >